Entries by Sandra Marinella

The Veteran

As they drove by, they spat at him. They flung half-filled beer cans and called him names. He was nineteen and wore an American uniform. His number had been drawn in the draft. #14. He knew he would be headed to Vietnam. But he was not afraid. His father and his mentor Chuck had both […]

Finding a Bit of Beauty

Seven years ago I sat on the edge of a black velvet chair in a chalk-white, sterile office. My heart clenched as I waited for a doctor I did not want to meet. When the door swung open, a chalk-white radiologist entered and motioned me to sit back. Suddenly I felt trapped in a black […]

Katie’s Story

Katie held up her portfolio of drawings, pleased that I had asked to see them.  I had been invited to an evening of “Stories of Ourselves.” I wanted to learn how those with language disabilities shared their stories. Katie, born with cerebral palsy, became my joy-filled teacher. She tapped out her message for me.  “This […]