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Chief Inspirational Officer

A two-pound bag of Hershey miniature chocolate bars is stowed safely by my mom’s Lazy Boy where she sits during the day and sleeps at night. She says with conviction that she never eats them. But I can see by the shrinking size of the bag that someone certainly does. As mom’s caretaker, I fret […]

Finding Community

Finding Community. One of the healthiest aspects of our lives is our community, the people and groups of people who are important to us. The folks we connect to and the folks who connect to us. The folks who support us and help us when we need them. Make of list of your community or […]

Finding Love

The day I moved into the graduate dorm everything changed. I made a new friend. Steve. I wondered why he leaned forward as he shot through the graduate dorm cafeteria toting a huge stack of textbooks. But he had a dream—and he was going after it. I liked that. I also appreciated that he immediately […]