Sandra Marinella’s The Story You Need to Tell is a collection of illuminating stories that show us the power of writing to transform our lives.

Ellen BassPoet and Best-Selling Author of The Courage to Heal

Sandra Marinella has written a wonderful guide for all those struggling to make sense of  the story of their lives!  It can serve as the perfect prescription for real healing.

Susan M Love MD Author Dr Susan Love’s Breast Book (6 ed)
Chief Visionary Officer, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

The Story You Need to Tell is a beautifully written book with stories that inspire the readers to make their way through trauma, illness, loss, and hardship.

Christina Baldwin Author of Storycatcher, Life’s Companion, One to One

Sandra Marinella brings keen research skills, a brilliant storytelling voice and a distinguished teaching career to this cohesive guide for writing the unspeakable.

Kathleen AdamsLPC, Director, Center for Journal Therapy; author, Journal to the Self and co- author, Your Brain on Ink.


Writing Prompts from Story You Need to Tell


Creating intentions for a new year or anytime you need to reboot:

  • Give yourself a quiet space where you can think and write. Bring a latte or tea.
  • Do not rush. You will need time to think and reflect. I like soft music or silence. But you choose! .
  • Make a list or jot notes. Do you want to teach a class on painting at the community center or run a local marathon?
  • Get specific. After brainstorming these intentions, rewrite them. Now work to whittle these intentions into a simple and specific actions that you can carry out. Big lofty goals (I want to write a best seller) do not work. But clear goals (I plan to write a book on how to successfully run in a marathon) are manageable.

After crafting simple, clear—but  not overwhelming intentions, begin the design of a plan. That is the fun part—playing with the plan. Then begin to put concrete steps in your schedule to make it all happen.



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5 Stages of Writing to Heal and Transform Your Life